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Uncategorized Nov 13, 2017

Maybe you're like me and you find your mind working a lot, even when there's nothing in particular to figure out. That beautiful brain inside our heads loves to stay busy. It's driven to create stories to interpret the the world around us. And sometimes, if we aren't careful, our minds can trick us into thinking these stories are reality.

Sometimes the stories put up walls between people. Have you ever had a dream in which someone you love committed a great atrocity against you? The next morning you look at them sideways, feeling miffed that they would dare to do such a thing, even though they obviously didn't choose to enter your dream? It's kind of laughable when this happens in a dream, but so many times, our waking minds create stories that are just as preposterous. 

What stories do you tell yourself about why the boss wants to talk with you...or why your son stayed out past curfew...or why your spouse was quiet last night?

Perhaps even more importantly, what stories do you tell yourself about why you'll never find true love or become wildly successful in your career? You see, when our brains do what they do, fill in empty space with stories, it can be constructive or destructive. If we're not careful, we can believe the negative stories that we create and shut ourselves down. If we are conscious enough to realize what's happening, then we create the ability to choose. 

It has been a practice, but now when my mind wanders off and creates stories that something will be really difficult or that people will say no to a request or that I'll fail at something, I catch myself. I separate my story from reality to see that I've created a barrier. Then I create a new with a happier ending...and I step into that reality to create the life I want.

I hope this week you take some time to reflect on the stories you tell yourself. If they're not uplifting and limitless, examine them to see if they need to be rewritten. Remember, you get to create your reality. The stories you tell yourself about you and the world around you are a huge part of what becomes possible for you. Put that active brain to good use and let your stories help you live into your greatness.

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