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Uncategorized Feb 28, 2019

A couple weeks ago I met with a woman who told me:

"I feel like a lobster that was put in a pot of warm water. Over the years, the temperature has been steadily rising and now all of the sudden, I'm realizing, 'holy crap,' I'm dying in here!"

Maybe you've had to sacrifice your values here and there. Maybe you've traded fulfillment for money. Maybe you've lost sight of the vision you had for your life.

Day-to-day, you don't notice your true self slipping away. Everything seems mostly fine. 

Until it isn't.

You wake up from your trance and realize the pressure is too much and you feel trapped. You can't sleep. You get stress-related illnesses. You might even have panic attacks.

Oh this is NOT fun. But guess what. Unlike the lobster, you can make the choice to get out.

So what do you do if you feel like the lobster?

1. Wake up to your inherent greatness. Deep down, the true you knows the right path. Become conscious of the values that bring meaning to your life. Surrender to the things that bring you fulfillment. Welcome your life's vision back home again.

2. Realize you have a choice. No matter how hopeless you feel, you have the power to change. Remember, making no choice is making the choice to maintain the status quo. If you want things to change, you actually have to change.

3. Take actions in the world that bring you closer to your heart's desire. Stop dismissing the sweet messages your heart sends as trivial or unimportant. Know that an action generated from your heart is the truest and purest of next steps.

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