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"Always have this little hope inside. If you hold true to your hope, your truth, your heart, your faith...whatever that is for you...it will see you through."

-Irena Sophia, Shine Illustrator in an interview with Nancy Belmont.

Oh my friends, what a year it has been. Today I want to check in with you to see if you still feel (or ever felt) your true self

I'm talking about the "you" who is underneath all of those layers of conditioning and protective walls. The you who is a creative force with something unique to offer the world.

Some of us are afraid of this golden nugget that contains our true gifts, so we cover it up with too much work, too much booze, too much media, too much...too much.

Looking Gold Rush GIF by Discovery

If you feel like you've lost (or never really found) your special spark, don't worry. It is in there!

This week, I invite you to shed some of the noise that's covering up your inspired inner voice. 

Take a walk without headphones. Sit on the couch without turning on the TV. Go to the bathroom without your phone. (I know...that last one is asking a lot!)

Once you get quiet, ask yourself, "How can I shine?"

Your mind may start racing, trying to find the right answer. But that's not where the answer is. 

The answer is in your heart. 

In your quiet moments, breathe deeply into your heart. Keep asking it, "How can I shine? How can I shine?"

Be patient and open. And if you catch a glimpse of that golden nugget, step out of your comfort zone and take a first step toward it. Do something to take action in the world. It doesn't have to be a huge step. Just a step.

Speaking of sharing your light, is there someone in your life who has a unique spark? That special twinkle in their eye that says they were born for greatness? Maybe it's a friend or a colleague or a child. Or maybe it's you.

I encourage you to give that person a copy of the Shine all-ages picture book. This simple, but inspiring story will encourage them to live into their greatest gifts and share them with the world.

You can get your hands on an early copy of Shine by participating in our Kickstarter.

The campaign launches this Wednesday, April 7th. The more people who participate ON April 7th, the more likely we are to be picked up as a featured Kickstarter project, which means more exposure, and ultimately, more people spreading their light.

Follow the campaign now so you're notified when it goes live. Thank you for helping to bring Shine to life!

Just one more quick thing. If you signed up for more information on my free FIVE DAY SHINE CHALLENGE filled with movement, leadership practices, and inspiration, stay tuned. I'll be emailing more details out later this week!

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Not on the list yet, but want to be? Click here.


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