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Uncategorized Nov 06, 2017

There are times in our lives when we feel a sense of wonder. Sometimes a place evokes wonder. Sometimes a person sparks it. And other times the sentiment bubbles up from inside of us about ourselves.

There’s nothing “cool” about wonder. In fact, when we experience it we can be downright dorky. Our mouths drop open and we lose ourselves in a moment. We are in awe.

What a gift. Wonder. But it’s up to us to feel it. Just because we see or experience something incredible doesn’t mean that we feel the wonder in it. If we’re too worried about time, or looking good or seeming like we know everything, we can miss these magical moments. And I’ll even take it one step further. It’s not so much about missing a moment, it’s about failing to create it.

Over the weekend, I surrendered to wonder. It took some doing. Ever since I was a teen, there has been a part of me that’s been totally dorky and a part of me that’s wanted to be cool. But this weekend, I realized that being cool isn’t full of wonder. Wonder is generated from surrender: surrender of judgement, surrender of what other people think, and surrender from needing even the tiniest little thing to be different than it is.

Stepping into wonder is like entering a different universe. Time slows down. Perfection is everywhere, in everyone, and in you.

When is the last time you felt wonder? If it has been a while, I invite you to create some for yourself. Get really present. See the beauty around you. Feel the texture of a plant. Gaze into the eyes of another. Experience the warm heat of the sun on a cool autumn day. Or even better, look with wonder upon yourself. Sense the pure bright light within you and be in awe of the wonderful gift you are to the world.

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