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May 29, 2018                           

PHONE: 571-218-9903

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 Community public art project, The Sanctuary, helps people craft a powerful inner voice.

On June 7, Nancy Belmont, the woman behind The Courage Wall, Unity, Be the Light, and Soar launches a new experiential public art project called The Sanctuary. See video for a summary of projects to-date.


The Sanctuary helps people create a safe space within themselves. So many of us have a critical, or even destructive inner voice that limits our potential. This art installation raises awareness of this inner voice and provides tools to help people craft an empowering, expansive voice.

‚ÄčImagine walking through an 1800 square-foot labyrinth of positive thoughts reading affirmations like, "I am unlimited." "I am worthy of love." "I deserve a seat at the table." At The Sanctuary, we'll help people notice their critical inner voice and the unconscious ways they hold themselves back. And most importantly, we'll give people tools to shift their inner voice to be more expansive. 

The public will be invited to think about their self-talk and how well their inner voice is serving them. Then, we'll give them a "seed" (treated paint can lid) upon which they can write a positive affirmation that they want to believe about themselves. They will hang these expansive mantras along a labyrinth that will eventually hold approximately 5,000 people's affirmations. 


I'm creating The Sanctuary because, as a leadership coach, mom and friend, I hear how people from every walk of life seem to be suffering from a negative inner voice. I hear about middle school kids who "hate their lives," and high school students who "hate their bodies." I hear from successful entrepreneurs who tell me "I'm dumb," and senior leaders who say, "I don't I deserve a seat at the table." 

When we can help kids and adults notice these limiting beliefs, and help them reshape their inner voice, we can build more empowered people and communities.

The Sanctuary Experiential Public Art Installation
2213 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301

Opening June 7, 2018 @ 6:00 p.m.  |  Closing June 30, 2018 @ 1:00 p.m.

 Committed to promoting human flourishing, Nancy Belmont seeks to bring the tools of leadership and consciousness to all people. She creates projects that build community, raise consciousness and spark ah-ha moments. Always aiming to normalize the most vulnerable aspects of humanity, Belmont finds ways to bring the deepest of human emotions to a three-dimensional space. To learn more about Nancy visit


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