How Do You See The World?

Effective leadership is tied to how we see the world and interact with it. Our work and our world are becoming more complex, more nuanced and more demanding. In order to be effective in this ever-changing environment, we must advance our individual development and our leadership skills.

Leadership & Culture Assessments

Raise your awareness of how you show up in the world. Assessments help you see the unseen and lay the foundation for transformation.

Individual & Team Identity Coaching

I'll help you clarify who you are, what you stand for and how you want to show up in the world. I ask powerful questions and create space for you to experiment with new ways of being. 

Brand, Culture & Leadership Facilitations

Need to align your team around a common vision or address unspoken cultural norms holding you back? I build engaging facilitations that inspire bold action. 


Looking for an inspired way to develop your team's leadership capacity? Ask me about a custom talk or bring me in for one of my popular keynotes.

Live Courageously
A formula for overcoming fear and living big.

Based on my work with hundreds of leaders and interactions with thousands of participants in my public art projects, I share insights about what holds us back from living our most courageous lives. Through the inspiring “Courage Formula,” you’ll learn how to step into your most authentic, powerful self.

Who am I? 
How to become the person only you can be.

How can you become your most authentic self when you’re not quite sure who you are? I share how I broke free from living the life I “should” live and into the life only I could create. I share my personal transformation and lead the group in a journey toward their own self-authorship.


Is Your Team Flourishing?

If your team needs more clarity on its identity, wants to improve its effectiveness or aims to shift its culture, let's have a chat.

Vessence Corporation

Nancy is the Chief Inspiration Officer of Vessence Corporation.

Vessence works with organizations that want to build remarkable cultures and authentic brands. Since 2000, Vessence has worked with clients like United Way Worldwide, The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, The U.S. Army's Chief of Public Affairs and scores of other non-profits and small- to medium-sized businesses to create unified brands through storylines, identity, design and marcom materials.

Does your company need to re-energize or refresh its image? If you're a mission-based organization that wants to find its essence and give it voice, give us a call.


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